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September 17, 2009 by Gustavo Brick

Good news!

Last Saturday (September 12) were at the awards ceremony TOPBLOG , an award that commented here on the blog and asked for your help in the vote.

The blog A Metrosexual was selected to participate as a personal blog in the category Health and compete for the prize TOPBLOG, were among the top 100 blogs, then in the top 3 blogs, and were elected by popular vote the best personal blog in the Health category at TOPBLOG, be among the 3 finalists blogs would be a great recognition, but who do not want to be 1st place, is not it?

Me and the blog columnists team are very happy for this recognition from readers, we always try to inform and provide relevant content on various subjects and most often related to Health, have blog posts that are successful as: Rubella Vaccine , radioiodine therapy , Thyroid - A silent disease , vitamin revenue to gain muscle mass , What is Sustanon? , among others ...

We congratulate all participants blogs in Health category and in all other categories, many new blogs appearing and increasingly differentiated and intelligent content.

The organization of TOPBLOG is also to be congratulated, everything was perfect from the very beginning to the awards ceremony that I believe have surprised everyone present with the little "debate" by mediation and the presentation of Sérgio Rabello .

If you want to know what are the other winners blogs, view photos of the ceremony and everything just click here: TOPBLOG .

<Click to enlarge>

Photo Francisco Dantas.

Anyway, I wanted to share this good news here on the blog before (Saturday night ... lol), but was waiting for the publication of the official photos on TOPBLOG blog.

Many thanks to everyone who voted and keep following our updates !!!


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BLOG A metrosexual CAN TURN A BOOK

September 3, 2009 by Gustavo Brick

na categoria Saúde, e ontem soube que estamos na final do TOP BLOG ! Personally, these days I was invited to participate in a blog contest, the Blog Books (it's a blog contest) ... We won the Best Blog Brazil 2008 in Health category, and yesterday we learned that the end of the TOP BLOG !

So how has worked, there I go again ask for your help to take another award and this a little more special because the winners of each category will have the content of blogs published as a book, that's right, this blog can go stop in bookstores, cool huh?

This time we are in the category Universe Male and competing with major blogs, but if you can help perhaps take another award!

To vote:

  1. Click on the picture above;
  2. ; Will open a new window with the contest page and blogs competing in the category Universe Male;
  3. ; Select the blog A Metrosexual;
  4. Enter your name and e-mail;
  5. Click on the VOTE button;
  6. e pronto! You will receive an email confirmation of your vote, confirm that email and voila!

DISCLAIMER: This confirmation e-mail can be received as SPAM, then look in your junk box, okay?

We thank those who voted TOPBLOG and if you think we deserve to win the Blog Books, feel free to vote.

Thank U.

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A metrosexual ON TOP BLOG

July 11, 2009 by Gustavo Brick

The blog A Metrosexual is participating in another award, this time the prize is the TOP BLOG that will elect the best blogs in each category.

Earlier this year, in 2009, won the Best Blogs Brazil 2008 in the Health category, were elected by popular vote as the best health blog of the Blogosphere.

Now the TOP BLOG are also entered in the Health category and I would ask the help of you, readers, for us to win another award.

To better understand:

Top Blog Award is an interactive system of cultural incentive to recognize and reward, by popular vote and academic (academic Jury) the Blogs Popular Brazilians, who have most of your content focused to the Brazilian public, with best technical presentation specific to each group (Personal, Professional and Corporate) and categories.

So to vote for A Metrosexual is quite simple ...

  1. Click on the image above will open a new window, wait Loading ...
  2. Click the vote on this blog, next to the indication of the Blog A Metrosexual.
  3. Enter your name and email address in the field provided and click vote.
  4. Click confirm vote.
  5. You will receive an e-mail and there is only confirm and cheer for us!
  6. Very important to confirm the vote in the email you receive, but not worth!

Voting runs through 11/08/09 11:55 pm the Brasilia time, so have plenty of time.

Thank U!

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A metrosexual - GOOD NEWS!

January 28, 2009 by Gustavo Brick

As promised in the previous post , I will now tell the good news. Come on ...

With the change of hosting server now have a "sign" best and the blog will load faster regardless of the connection. Another thing is that the domain now is also ours and should be working next week, so if you ever doubted whether it was or whatever, both addresses will give here on the blog. The layout will change, I am producing a version more 2.0, more current, beautiful!

Well, enough of technical improvements! Remember the post of Best Blogs Brazil 2008 we were running in the Universe Health and Male categories as Brazil's best blog in 2008, then won in the Health category by popular vote and a nice departure from the 2nd place and the Universe Male category stayed in 4th place.


I thank those responsible for Health in the blog category, as well as Gisele Mota who has written great texts on Health here on the blog as the Thyroid - A silent disease .

Finally, we return!

Below the photo of the award of the BBB in 2008 there at Campus Party 2009 I'm pink shirt ( I wear pink? ) and with his arm in a sling ( remember my shoulder right? ).


Photo: Wagner Fontoura

I thank Fabio , Fernando and René who helped me with some technical problems on this server migration.

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December 30, 2008 by Gustavo Brick

The A Metrosexual was nominated to participate in the Best Blogs Brazil 2008, which is the Best Blogs Brazil 2008 ?

The Best Blogs Brazil is a way to recognize the work of those who blogs at Brazil, selecting the best in each area that contributed to the growth of the blogosphere as a whole and that in 2008 provided good quality content, invited to reflect, issued opinions, brought new, innovated, finally, did a good job this year.

Cool, right ?! But then we were shown to participate as the best of 2008 blog into two categories, Health and Male Universe . The A Metrosexual is in the final, and we vote for the best 2008 blogs runs until 16 January 2009.

So if you think the A Metrosexual is deserving of this award I ask you to contribute your vote in the Best Blogs Brazil 2008 site.

It is fast and simple voting !!!

How do?

  1. Click here: Best Blogs Brazil 2008 .
  2. Register on the site and wait for an email confirmation.
  3. Once you receive the email back to BBB2008 the site and help us with your vote in Health & Universe Male

I thank all the readers who pointed us to the prize !!!

Thank U.

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September 2, 2008 by Gustavo Brick

Registration for the contest are open which will select the "butt" most beautiful in the world, found it strange? But that's right, the famous Sloggi lingerie brand is promoting the SHOW ME YOUR Sloggi 2008 , where women from all over the world can show their "butt" and compete for a prize of 15,000 euros, and may also be hired as a model official Sloggi brand.

How does it work?

The 10 participants who obtain the highest score by the public, on September 30, 2008, added the 10 elected by a jury shall be classified to participate in the final of the National Stage. The Brazilian champion will compete in the final round with the finalists from 31 countries.

So far so good, a different procedure, the funny thing is that the prize is only for women, but men also send their photos showing the "butt" (butt is only for women) ...

Check out the photos M and F on the site Sloggi .

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