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What is ADE?

September 16, 2009 by Gustavo Brick

The other day a reader asked me if I knew ADE, because he was thinking of injecting and wanted to know my opinion, soon answered him get it out of my head!

ADE is one of the most dangerous features that uninformed use to increase muscle mass.

ADE is a veterinary product used in horse, pig, cattle, or in animals, should not be used / consumed by humans.

EDA EDA comprises vitamins, oil is used to compensate for the lack of vitamins in animals.

The ADE has become popular in gyms for its result to be almost instantaneous, as when applying the muscle becomes swollen at the time, but it's just swelling and no muscle and lean body mass.

The consequence may be many, necrosis of the arm (if Gregg Valentino ) to death (many young)!

The result in my opinion and much is summed up in a single palava: Ridiculous!

ADE is sold in a variety of packages for veterinary use and sold in gyms is often handled by seller and placed in vials with the amount for a particular cycle.

To finish sees this video that shows the arm of an athlete oozing probably ADE, in a bodybuilding contest.

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June 8, 2009 by Gustavo Brick

Always been curious about the Power Ball , some friends talked about the academy several videos on Youtube that show people using the Power Ball, I watched several, but never really understood how it worked.

So I contacted the company NSD Ball and they referred me here a pro blog so I could test it, I confess I suspected the "power" of the product, but when I got the hang of turning the ball was struck. Works even! When movement is executed properly, you do an incredible force to control and it ends up working muscles.

I decided to make a video and put on YouTube as well:

Of course I'm still an amateur, but I suggest you visit the site and see the available videos.

Some trivia:

NSD Power® Ball is an innovative product that can be used anytime and anywhere. Compact as a tennis ball, NSD Power® Ball is easy to handle and does not require batteries or batteries. It is a high-tech device to rehabilitate and strengthen muscles.

Using the principle of gyroscopic forces, movements with NSD Power® Ball are circular and do not impact. While the user is fun, NSD Power® Ball acts while increasing your strength and endurance in the arm, wrist, fingers, shoulder and hand. The faster moving it, the more force it takes to do. Depending on the strength of each user, NSD Power® Ball can reach 250 revolutions per second and reach up to 20kg, making it the fastest phone in the world powered by human strength.

NSD Power® Ball is already a success in Europe and the United States in preventing and combating RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and rehabilitation of muscle injuries such as arthritis and tendinitis, common among professionals who do repetitive movements, as users computer.

The equipment is in excellent athletes or sportsmen of various training modalities such as tennis, golf, kite flying, volleyball, climbing, riding a bicycle or motorbike, martial arts, boxing, etc. NSD Power® Ball toning and defining muscle mass by training a few minutes a day and is used by champion athletes such as golfer Tiger Woods and tennis star Andre Agassi.

I liked it, if they want to know more:

Site: or by phone (11) 5052-9378
Prices: Models from R $ 135.00 (All models come with a lifetime warranty, strap, strings starting and operating instructions).

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March 4, 2009 by Gustavo Brick

Meet the "story" of Gregg Valentino , the guy who blew his arm due to so much "pump" that applied ...

The video is old, but I'm sure many people did not see or even know nor Gregg Valentino, some video frames can be "strong"!

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October 6, 2008 by Gustavo Brick

I remember that as soon as I entered the gym, bodybuilding, my instructor I spoke to train more twins, but at the time I did not know what it was twins and the guy was kind of bag too so I did not hear what he said, after a while I discovered that Twin was the calf, and now I agree with him ... lol ... I should have trained more calf, or rather twins, or better yet, gastrocnemius.
And that's why today's post will be the same anatomy class, we know the muscles of the human body!

If you want more details, click on image.

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October 2, 2008 by Dietitian

I have received several emails from readers wanting more information on how to achieve increased muscle mass and body fat loss, so I decided to make this post in an attempt to answer questions of all or nearly all.

First I need to clarify that no article posted here, replaces an appointment with a professional in the field, but only directs those who have doubts or have no knowledge about food and do sports feeding incorrectly.

Strength training builds muscle and for this to occur it is necessary to provide the body with the material for this development:. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats Many physical activity practitioners believe that eating a lot of protein (usually far above your daily needs ), your muscles will grow much more. One of the problems ingesting large amounts of protein is that the excess can be accumulated as fat, and the kidneys and may cause overload damage to them.

Proteins have an important role in the diet (especially those who train hard) because they act in the repair and building of muscle tissue after exercise. With increasing intensity of training, you need additional proteins to support muscle growth and that is on average 1.6 g of protein per kg body weight.

Supplemental protein is important, but one should not forget the ever-carbohydrate, nutrient more than necessary for the formation of muscles, as I said in another article.

Carbohydrate is responsible for maintaining glycogen stores for the body to use the protein for muscle building. When there is not enough carbohydrate in the diet, especially before and after training, the body starts to oxidize proteins of tissues, including muscle tissue to meet the energy needs.

A diet with approximately 70% carbohydrates ensure a better utilization of protein in building muscle and consequently higher mass gain.

To lose body fat while gaining more muscle mass is not an easy task. The ideal is to achieve one thing at a time, namely, first the gain and then the weight loss of fat. What happens is that for those who want to promote an increase in lean body mass accompanied with strength training is necessary adding 500 to 1000Kcal per day, and so it is inevitable increase body fat. To "dry out" the extra extra fat ideal is to make a calorie-restricted diet (approximately 500kcal less) and keep strength training with carbohydrate before, during and after training, according to the intensity of the workout to keep muscles (already won).

The menu to be followed or foods that should be avoided is nothing different from anything I've said in other articles here on the blog, but it is always worth remembering:

  • Avoid fatty foods such as fried foods, cream, meat with visible fat, sausages, etc.
  • Make 6 meals a day
  • Ingesting 2 liters of water a day
  • Avoid fried food and prefer baked, grilled, boiled etc
  • Avoid soda and beer (mostly with meals)
  • Beware of sweets
  • Consume adequate servings of fruits and vegetables every day, always preferring fresh food and well maintained to ensure a good intake of vitamins and minerals.

There are some commercially available supplements that can help to gain muscle as whey protein , BCAA , maltodextrin, liquid amino acids, among others, but it is necessary and important to go in for an appointment with the dietitian because he, through an assessment detailed and complete state will know the best supplement for your case.

To achieve the desired results there is no miracle except that of balanced diet. Yes, it is, but effective and definitive slow process. Who knows if eating correctly and disciplined manner surely reach your goal successfully.

For more information about health, always consult a professional.

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August 20, 2008 by Gustavo Brick

Matter Magazine See this week's edition in 2074 , shows the changing concepts of human muscle definition over the years, and also the evolution of the physical exercises to achieve the new standard for aesthetic definition.

by Bel Moherdaui

Justinha of leggings and underwear, the heartthrob Richard Gere appeared in American Gigolo, a film from 1980, as the prototype of male beauty carried to extremes of physical perfection - came to do inverted sit-ups, which made the female audience upside down. Today, if Gere appeared at an academy like the character Julian Kaye, provoke two reactions: 1) would ask where is the setting; 2) had to sweat more to get to commendable levels tummy, thighs and biceps - as evidenced by the comparison made recently by People Magazine among the handsome old times and actor Mario Lopez, sculpted young aspiring burly hunk. "In the 80s, when the concept of fitness began to spread, have good physique meant having good aerobic conditioning. Do not be led into account strength, flexibility, percentage of body fat. Even testing for the fire department only mediate cardiovascular performance, "remembers Eduardo Netto, technical director of a network of academies, which at that time was already a gym teacher. Goers "weight room" space endowed with a few simple appliances were generally practitioners of bodybuilding.

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