October 27, 2011 by Gustavo Brick

So, let's run?

Long time no practice mode, the latest evidence that ran officially already make some good months, or even years. :(

But I learned the 3rd Race Internacional Shopping Guarulhos and is carried away near my house, only 5km, the registration fee is good, and I liked the organization.

Athletics is a sport that is addictive, it's great for your health and you do not need any big investment, so if like me you want to resume your corridinhas weekend, this is a great opportunity to self motivate.

On site have all the information, but I go forward a few!


Description RACE VALUES


Until 23/9/2011: US $ 35.00

From 24/09/2011 to 28/10/2011: US $ 45.00

  • 06 to 10 participants: R $ 40.00 (regardless of registration date)
  • 11 to 15 participants: US $ 35.00 (regardless of the date of registration)
  • Over 16 participants: R $ 30,00 (regardless of registration date)
  • Above 60 years: 50% discount in the amount of entries.

Click below and register your group racing with discount:

The proof will be carried out in a total distance of 5000 meters (5km).

The Internacional Shopping Guarulhos 5K will be played in Single Men and Single Women modalities.

The minimum age for the athlete to participate in the individual mode of proof is sixteen (16) years to complete the registration day.


The opening of the LOUNGE INTERNATIONAL SHOPPING GUARULHOS will be at 6:30 a.m. of the day of the race, which will be served breakfast.

Access to space is open to all registrants.

See you there, good race! :)

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