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July 20, 2009 by Gisele Mota

Just the temperature drops to the numbers of occurrences in hospitals increase, this is fact. The most common reasons are conjunctivitis and respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, asthma and brinquite.
Anyone suffering from rhinitis as I know that climate change causes discomfort, among them, itchy nose, runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing a lot, a sore throat, headache and nose still congestinado. Here we take medicines orally and spray in the nose, all for the crisis to pass. And the price of these drugs? The two do not go for less than £ 60.00. And it is misleading to think past a crisis, the other only come here a long time, you just get in contact with the allergen to have another crisis.

The allergen is causing allergy, it can be a mite, a food, fabric, smoke, or perfume, for example.'s Allergists, physicians who care for allergies, usually order blood tests and skin tests (examination the patient's skin) to verify which components he is allergic and so know what the best treatment.
Winter brings with it the dreaded conjunctivitis: swollen eyelids, red eyes with discharge and very uncomfortable. A link between respiratory disease and conjunctivitis, is that it can be rightly caused by allergic rhinitis or bronchitis. Therefore, as there are several types of conjunctivitis, it is always recommended to seek an ophthalmologist to assess the case.

Write down some important measures to prevent suffering during the winter:

  • Wash the nose with saline several times per day;
  • Let the well-ventilated area, preferably open to let the sun in the windows;
  • Always wipe with a damp cloth on the furniture and floor, if possible daily to avoid the accumulation of dust.

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